Cassie Jacobs
Hey, that’s me!

I am a full time student, a stay at home mother, a wife and most recently a Muslim convert.

I have two boys. Merrick is getting dangerously close to being 4, he’s a handful to say the least. Silas is 6 moths
old and he has to be the happiest baby I have ever seen. I can’t imagine a life without my boys and my husband, Chase. The three of them are my reason for breathing.

Work & School
Currently, I am attending online classes through the University of North Texas for my bachelors in Advanced Technology and Performance Improvement. In the future I am hoping to get my masters in human resources or an MBA, as usual I’m undecided thus far. My school career has been a long and bumpy road but it’s a journey that has been worth it’s trouble. My major of study has changed from video game programming to computer maintenance to pre nursing and countless others, but, I have finally settled and found my place.

My professional background is focused primarily in graphic and web design. Being a designer is an amazing and rewarding job, however, the current job market is less than enthusiastic to see me. I have what I consider to be a pretty decent portfolio and have done various design projects that range from newspaper advertisements to wedding and party invitations to real estate and commercial catalogs and direct mailers.

I have also ran my own very small business, Ei Ei Bow, as a maker of hairbows, children’s clothing and other accessories. Ei Ei Bow has always been more of a creative outlet than a dedicated business which allows me the freedom to make what I like rather than worrying about what is most liked by others.


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