The right to command

This is a quote from the book I’ve been reading for my leadership class (The Leadership of Muhammad by John Adair). This book is really interesting and inspirational and would be a great read for anyone interested in servant leadership. I really like this quote:

“Remember that your position does not give you the right to command. It only lays upon you the duty of so living your life that other may receive your orders without being humiliated.”

~Dag Hammarskjold, Former secretary general of the UN


And, why not, one more…the books talks about all of the different components of what made Muhammad a good leader. Chapter 7 talks about humility and it’s importance and the role it plays in a successful leader. All of the principles that are mentioned in the book are principles that we covered in our chapter on servant leadership this week so it’s easy for me to pick out the key concepts.

Humily and courtesy are themselves ways of reverencing God.

You can purchase the book here:

Ma’ as-salaam đŸ™‚ (The book says that means go in peace, I’m assuming it’s right lol)


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