God, I love ya.

God, I love ya

"God, I love ya." ~Merrick

Starting with the good:
My three year old son, Merrick, has been very interested in watching my husband and I pray. A couple of days ago while I was in the bedroom praying he went into his room and got out one of his small blankets and spread it out on the floor and informed me that he was going to pray as well. He wanted his own flash cards and he took one of his dada’s hats to wear as well. It may be the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and I am proud of him. Today, when he decided it was a good time to pray he even “put his head on the floor” and started saying “God, I love ya.” It’s ridiculously cute and I can’t help but smile and laugh when he does it. When he’s done he puts his hat and his cards in his hat drawer and puts his blanket away also. These may be the only items that he has ever taken the initiative of putting away himself!

And on to the not so good:
After all of this cuteness I decided to show my mom the picture I took of him “putting his head on the floor”. She kinda killed my buzz. She acted totally appalled at the picture and that I was encouraging her grandson to do that. When I told her that we were converting she acted like she was going to be supportive. Since then she has informed me that she will not leave the house with me if I wear “one of those things” over my head (it’s a scarf mom!), seems totally freaked out by me wearing long sleeve shirts and told my husband that she didn’t want to hear him speak any Arabic when he mentioned it.

Now, I don’t wear a scarf on my head all of the time, I’m still trying to get used to it. However, it seems ridiculous that I have to take it off before I go to my moms in order to avoid her comments. Her and my grandmother are convinced that by “wearing that thing on my head” I am destined to become a victim of a hate crime. Honestly, I don’t wear it around the town that I live in because it is a small, redneck kind of town and I just don’t want to deal with the ignorance of the people here…however I do wear it when we go to the metroplex. (And guess what, I’m not the only person I see with a scarf on their head)

It’s all a little frustrating to me. I have always felt like I can talk to her about nearly anything. I was scared to death to tell her that we were converting and she told me that she didn’t understand why I would be scared to tell her and seemed like she was going to be very supportive. I guess that the supportive thing is getting old and it’s time to ignore my feelings about it.

I’m not mad at her, I’m sure this is all hard for her to understand. After all, I have always cursed like a sailor (still working on this one), worn low cut blouses and of course never associated myself with any form of religion. To say that I have changed a few things about myself may be an understatement. I am hoping that she will recognize that the changes are for the better and learn to be more supportive, even if she doesn’t agree 100% with my choice. I also hope that she will recognize that Merrick is my son and I will raise him the way that I believe to be right and respect that as well. I guess that only time will tell.


5 thoughts on “God, I love ya.

  1. I will pray that she sees the change in you, I can already tell a difference. You seem happier too, I’m sure she wants happiness for you, but it may take awhile.

  2. Im sorry about that. It is great that Merrick wants to be a part of it, but not so great that your mom is being that way. Its sucks, and I get it. It would be easier to tell my mom I was a big fat Democratic Lesbian than tell her that I was a Muslim.

  3. First, Merrick is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful picture. May God accept all of his prayers many many fold over 🙂

    Second, I was driving the other day and drove by a church, and I saw a Muslim woman standing in front. But, she was standing extremely still. Then I realized that it wasn’t a real woman, but a prop of a woman. But she was definitely Muslim. She was wearing loose fitting clothing and had “that thing” on her head. But then I looked even closer and saw she had something in her arms. It was a baby. Baby who? Baby Jesus I presume.

    It was Mary Mother of Jesus I was looking at the entire time. Mary mother of Jesus was wearing “that thing” on her head. And in Islam, she is considered the greatest example in history for women to emulate and become like.

    Congrats on your strength in faith Cassie, you are showing the wisdom, strength, and trust in God that Mary showed, and it shows because your beautiful children are following your noble example. God bless you immensely.

  4. It is true what brother Qasim has said. Even though the root of every religion has veil in it, even if you go back a few years in history, women used to have a veil on their faces, be it as an attachment to their hats. Even on Sunday church, women cover their heads by hats or scarves, it is not seen as an appalling statement, but as soon as the term “Muslim” is attached, it seems the whole world has toppled over. I hope God gives all of them guidance who think this way, it may be due to the reason that not many Muslims live there. Sister Cassie, always remember this: the road less taken always has turmoils, but in the end the result is sweet. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and I send love to your kids, I am sure they are in the best hands of his mother, and hope your elders understand they have brought you up well and they can trust you in his upbringing.

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